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 Today's I review the  Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion. It's Not a paid review. All information is right and accurate, If you like than purchase and use it.

Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion for Normal skin (200 ml) Review

Ingredients :

  • White Lily
  • Licorice (It's also known as Mulaithi)

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Review :

 Does it really make you Beautiful. Who doesn't want to be beautiful or handsome, There are so many creams and body lotions we use for that. Some creams work very well and bring radiance and glow to the skin, among them this body lotion from Himalaya is also there.

 According to Himalaya, The Clear Complexion Brightening Body lotion is used for female only and It's used for the Glowing Skin. If you have small black marks on your skin, then you can use this lotion to remove them.

 Wherever there are black marks, it mixes them with your natural skin. This is not a lotion that should be used in winter and summer (Used Any Session), in this you get to see a scale at the bottom

 Light - Rich

 Using this lotion will not dry out your skin and will also maintain the pH level of your skin. Now i tell you something about this lotion's Ingredients.

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White Lily &  Licorice (Mulaithi)

White Lily :

It is used to keep the skin soft. If you have ever used white lily toner or cream, then you must have noticed that it keeps the skin soft. The hydration you are getting is due to this ingredient and nourishes your skin.

Licorice (Mulaithi) :

 If we talk about licorice, then it is known to lighten and brighten your skin. it's a natural skin lightning agent. Which completely lightens your skin.

 If you think that using it will make you gore then it is absolutely wrong. It does not lighten your skin at all. If you have black marks on your skin, then after a long period of time it mixes with your natural skin color.

 This is a normal body lotion which provides hydration to your skin. There is a lot written on the back of this lotion which you can read.

 Normally all body lotions contain with mineral oils but you don't get to see them in it. Also, you will not have any allergy by using it, because it is a natural product.

 It is very light weight, due to which people with oily skin can also use it. People with dry skin are going to like this very much, it is not for winters at all.

 Due to its light, it gets absorbed into your skin quickly. And you will not feel like your skin is dry.

 Overall, if you want a lotion that is light enough and doesn't feel heavy when used and doesn't feel uncomfortable, then you can try this one.

For Best Result :

  • Apply liberally all over the body
  • Use in the morning after bath
  • Use at night before going to bed

Direction of Use Clear Complexion Brightening Body Lotion :

 You have to apply it on the dry area of ​​your skin.  And if you want, you can apply it all over the skin. It is not to be applied on the face.  After applying it gently massage till it gets absorbed in your skin.

 It is much better if you use it after bath.  Skin is slightly wet after bath, tab this lotion gives you extra moisture, so here is how to use it.

Hope, You like the Review. you can buy from here or market.


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